Shenandoah Riverside Festival

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Welcome to the show AGAIN!!! 2014!!


We've developed this lovely site to show all the nice folks about  our little show we put on annually, and also other musical events that Earth Korps may  promote or be involved in. The 2013 festival was a blast and I strongly suggest that anyone who missed out last year make sure that they attend this year. We will be holding this event annually for the rest of all of our lives and then some.

What makes the Shenandoah Riverside Festival a must not miss is that not only do we cover a wide variety of music and have all weekend camping adventures, but also ALL the proceeds go to benefit the clean up of the mighty Shenandoah River. The proceeds from our earlier years made it possible for Earth Korps, (the Shenandoah's Keepers) to pull over 54,000 pounds of trash from the river. That's right folks, this is one true environmentally friendly event. Along with being environmentally friendly we are also family friendly so no excuses about not being able to come because of the kiddies!

Feel free to thumb through our lovely site and take a look at our past events, clips from the show, and pictures.  We simply had to show you about what a great time you either had, or missed out on.

Also we would like to give a big thanks to all of those out there that support Earth Korps in any way possible. Either by donating time, service, great advice, great music, delicious food, or by just coming out and having a good time with us.

Learn more about what Earth Korps has been doin by checking out the website at , or scrolling through some of our more memorable times at our blog page at